Video Conferencing Equipment for Any Meeting Room

How do you build a perfect meeting space where everyone can be seen and heard? Read about essential AV peripherals and video conferencing tools, both software and hardware, for integrating meetings in conference rooms of any size, illustrated by specific examples.

Video conferencing is increasingly penetrating our daily workflow, moving beyond meeting rooms and invading workplaces and mobile devices. The shift has become possible thanks to ever-increasing transition from pure hardware room systems (e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Yealink,Logitech,Pnasonic,) to software and hardware-software solutions.So how do you build the perfect meeting space where everyone can be seen and heard? This article describes how to fit meeting rooms of different sizes with video conferencing equipment, illustrated by specific examples. To find the best piece of AV equipment for your conference room or receive a free recommendation, please  contact us we are happy to help.

What is a Standard Meeting Room?

Meeting room is a key collaboration space for any business. Here your employees run briefs and meetings, discuss projects and brainstorm new ideas on a daily basis.

As a rule, medium-sized meeting rooms are about 16×20 feet and can host 8 to 10 people

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